Lipstick is a handy tool when it comes to amplifying your aesthetic. The variety of shades allows one to make the fashion statements they’ve always wanted to with bold, flaming reds to a more subtle and reserved colour. Lipsticks serve to compliment you by adding variation and depth to your overall makeup look. Even if you do not wear a full face of makeup, adding a bold lipstick can be all it takes to make your look extra fabulous.

It can spice up any bland look and give you that extra boost of confidence to attack your day. There aren’t necessarily any rules when it comes to choosing lipsticks. However, it is essential to know how you can utilize the many different shades to your advantage and pull off the perfect aesthetics overall. So, some standard guidelines for picking the color lipstick you should wear is as follows:

Seasonal Lipstick Colors

Many fashionistas and those with a right eye understand that some lipstick colours are more flattering during certain seasons. As the season’s transition, the overall cadence outside changes. These atmospheric shifts also bring different changes to our environment. For example, during the Spring season, the leaves on the trees tend to turn a bright green and yellowish colour. Then, you have the blooming of vibrant flowers such as daisies, lilies and marigold. Thus, you’ll find many people pulling off more noticeable colours during this season.

Summer Lipstick

During the hot summer season, you can aim to wear more vibrant colours that pop. The sun will reveal itself more during this time and having a bright colour will make you stand out even more. If you aren’t inclined to try out popping colours, then you may also opt for something like a metallic lipstick. In contrast to regular lipstick, metallic colours offer more of a shine and shimmer. This glimmering effect underneath the summer sun will make you look sun-kissed and glowing. There are different shades of metallic lipstick as metallic is just the shimmering effect. For summer, you can aim for a brighter metallic such as a bright red, bright orange, or even more peachy tones.

Spring Lipstick

During spring, we experience more of the brighter hues that mother nature has to offer. It is this season that the trees’ leaves begin to change shade and we see a host of different coloured flowers. Colours to wear during spring include hot pink, rosy red, yellow, and even bright coloured purples. If you’re going for the more natural look, wearing a peachy toned lipstick will surely showcase that natural beauty. Opposed to summer, the spring season is essentially about warmth than it is about the heat. So, you can tone it down in terms of colour when it comes to choosing your spring lipsticks. Color the world lipsticks have a vast selection of spring-friendly colours.

Fall Lipstick

Fall’s leaves are finally set in their new colours of bright yellow, purplish-red, and vibrant orange. However, the weather is more cool, giving the atmosphere a more mysterious tint. The leaves gradually fall off their branches as the sun isn’t so expressive during this time. Instead of trying to emulate the bright colours of the leaves, you should begin working with more darker hues around this time as its more suitable. Purples and browns are the right colours to utilize during the fall as well.

Winter Lipstick

Finally, to close out the year is Winter. As you can probably tell me now, there is a common theme of shades darkening as the seasons’ pass. As we get less and less exposure to the sunlight, we see a much darker ambience which adds for a more dark and murky aura. Dark purples, browns and even nudes are all acceptable during this time as well as dark reds. If you are feeling bold, you can also opt for a black lipstick to appear more mysterious. Instead of wearing regular lipsticks that leave your lips with a shine, try to wear your lipsticks matte. This will make your look appear more ‘set” and “finished” as matte lipstick makes the colour look flat. Many people find the dulling effect of a matte lipstick to be well put together and very appealing to the eyes.

The Power Behind the Color

Some people do not know that colours can solicit a specific reaction from us on a subconscious level. For instance, the colour red symbolizes warmth to some people and is used when trying to attract love. Just look at Valentine’s day, and you’ll see that it’s laced in red decor, red gifts and red roses.

With lighter pastel colors, it gives off a “fresher” feel as these colours aren’t too stimulating to the senses. It doesn’t necessarily command attention. However, you can still use some unique colours like orange, blue or green. Unlike regular lipstick, pastel lipsticks are a more toned-down hue of a colour. They do not look as rich but are certainly still fun to wear.

As for browns and the colour black, these colours give people a sense of curiosity. A large number of people are either afraid of the dark or have experienced nyctophobia at some point in their life. Mostly, people aren’t scared of the dark itself but the possibility of what lurks within it. So. this uncertainty creates a sense of wonderment and intimidation. If you want to give off the impression that you are mysterious, you can captivate the curiosity of many by uses these darker shades.

What’s Your Motive?

As they say, there’s a time and a place. But. is there? It honestly depends on what your objective is when it comes to choosing the color lipstick you want to wear. If you are going to a baby shower, perhaps wear more rosy and peachy toned colours as this is a more reserved setting, If you want to seduce your lover, then maybe a dark red will be enticing to them. The colour of the red will signal a warm welcome while the dark tone will also serve to add more mystery and allure to your look, If you are going to a job interview, a neutral or nude colour will be more appropriate in this formal setting. Essentially, your intuition will tell you which shades to use when exploring this terrain of variety.

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