Tattoo Ideas for Women

So you’ve decided to take a risk and ink to your body to create what is better known as a tattoo. Brave choice, but now the hard part: what design should you get? Ideally, you want something that is meaningful to you and that is not hastily chosen and won’t go out of style. Great tattoo ideas are hard to come by, so, this article will expand on different tattoo ideas for women, no matter what your taste is.

1) A bracelet or anklet from a tattoo — This is a wonderful idea as it serves two purposes. Your very own permanent jewelry that you never have to worry about taking off, and it is customized to how you like it; from the design, color to its size. This is attractive for both younger and older women, as you will receive endless compliments about bracelet tattoo. Also, you can still easily cover it up with a long-sleeve if you decide to. Simple, permanent jewelry!

2) Dots — Dots can be a creative and appealing tattoo idea for women as well. These dots can be arranged in lines, circles, geometric shapes, or however you want them. You can even make writing out of the dots, faces, shapes or animals. It is simple and beautiful, and on the plus side, tattoo artists can make dots seem like optical illusions. Now that is a great conversation starter! If you are getting your first tattoo and unsure where to start, getting a few simple dots is something you will be coming back for.

3) Flowers – Women love flowers, with the endless variety you could choose from, choose a flower that is symbolic to you. Colorful flower tattoos can be very beautiful on any part of a woman’s body, especially the neck.

4) Number, dates and roman numerals — Roman numeral tattoos appeal to a large audience, especially women. They are intricate, elegant and you can design any date or number you wish. For example, tattoo your wedding anniversary, your favorite date, a significant others birthday .. the possibilities are endless. Best of all, roman numerals are classic and discreet.

5) Astrological symbol — Getting your astrological symbol can be very meaningful. It represents you, your personality and birth month but also tattoo artists can strategically place these symbols within and inside of other tattoos. They’re a great, small addition.

6) Watercolor tattoos – These tattoos have blown up in popularity due to their bright colors and hues, endless shapes, animals or designs that can be drawn. The unique coloring and shading, with no harsh or bold lines (like traditional tattoos), make watercolor tattoos a soft and gentle piece of art to ink on your body.

7) Tattoos in other languages — Getting writing on your body, in other languages, such as Arabic, German, Japanese, Farsi etc, can be beautiful. Other language’s writings can be mesmerizing and exquisite. Whether you decide to tattoo your name or a quote, it is very unique and admired by many women of all ages.

8) Wings – Wings have a lot fo symbolic meaning; from being a free spirit, to speed, elevation and spiritual growth, the addition of wings as a tattoo can symbolize over-coming certain obstacles in your life, certain fears, or your journey to freedom. Wings can be tattooed in plain black ink, or with bright beautiful colors. You can even get wings as a tattoo to honor a loved one who has passed away; now how meaningful is that!?

9) Butterfly or Feather Tattoo — For women who have a simple classic sense of style, getting a small butterfly or feather tattoo is a cute dainty addition to any body part. Its simplicity will have you looking at it over and over again.

10) Geometric tattoos – The possibilities with geometric tattoos are endless! Different angles, lines, shapes, colors and placements are very eye-catching. You can incorporate geometric tattoos with flowers or trees, for a more feminine touch.

The above was mentioned 10 tattoo ideas for women, however, the ideas are endless. Be creative with what you want to ink on your body and have no regrets. Getting a tattoo is a form of expression and there is no right or wrong way to do it!

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