How To Grow A Beard

Beard is a term used for facial hair. Its a property of men because women lack beards except in abnormal conditions. For most people, the beard is the beauty of man’s face, and it adds attraction to their personality, but some people find beard useless, so they keep shaved face Despite all this you don’t need a reason to grow a beard, you do it because you want to. Also, it’s more of a fashion nowadays. The rate of beard growth is faster than other body hair. Here we’ll discuss some natural ways to grow a thick and healthy beard faster than usual.

The first thing you should do is make a solid choice. Most people start to grow a beard but end up shaving because they think it looks weird. The truth is that each new look seems strange at first, but it shows its glazes slowly. So demotivation should be avoided, and you should be determined when you make your mind.

As a beard is the main character, its growth depends upon the level of the hormone testosterone. Studies reveal that the level of this hormone reaches its peak while sleeping. Therefore sleeping a couple of hours more than average, i.e. 8-10 hours helps grow beard fastly.

The growth of the beard is also dependent on the supply of minerals and vitamins. Therefore a healthy and balanced diet is the key to beard growth. Potatoes are the source of vitamin A that increases hair cell growth. Oysters contain zinc which is an essential mineral for beard growth. Eggs deliver the right amount of proteins to the body along with minerals like calcium and iron, so it aids in the healthy growth of your beard. Also famous is spinach that contains magnesium, calcium, potassium and some proteins for cell growth and differentiation. All these foods are readily available and cheap economically. Therefore they should be added in the diet for the healthy growth of beard.

To grow a healthy and full beard, you should avoid the hair and skin dryness. Dandruff makes hair dull and dusted. To prevent this, you must ensure proper hydration of the body. Drink clean water in excess and keep your electrolytes balance in check. That helps you slough off dandruff.

Moreover using natural oil is also necessary for right beard growth. Fish oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, etc are healthy for your beard. Also, it gives shine and thickness to your beard and a faster rate of growth.

Stress is not a disease itself, but it gives rise to several pathological conditions. Its main effect is on the rate of body growth. Excess mental and physical stress stunts the growth of the body, including hair growth. Try to keep relaxed and calm both mentally and physically to keep an average pace of beard growth.

Dead cells of skin usually impede the growth of a beard. Rinsing of the surface with warm water and soap at least once a week will prevent this impediment. Proper conditioning is also helpful for its good health and growth.

At last, we will have a look at some artificial ways of beard growth. This includes drug therapy and a beard transplant. The most effective drug for faster beard growth is minoxidil, but it comes with some side effects. Transplantation is also successful in most cases, but artificial, and natural growth always have a difference.

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